Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hello strangers.

It's sure been a while since I did my last post. However, today , after reading italian cooking magazine cucina moderna, I feel inspired to write again! 
To be fair, I have been busy since my last post: I have moved to Cheltenham and gained a job as a editorial Assisstant/junior sub-editor on a gardening magazine. So yeah, pretty busy trying to stop living out of suitcases and being surrounded by millions of boxes. 
Fabio is with me now too - the Perfect italian cooking subject! Mwahaha. 
Also, we've made friends with an Italian couple here too; from Novara and Ancona - and they're very enthusiastic about cooking! 

Anywho I'm going to stop my rambling and say that tonight we are cooking Parmigiana arricchita, from the magazine. (I think my Elizabeth David book is packed - if you're wondering what I'm talking about - see earlier posts!) 

This recipe is apparently great for using leftovers of melanzane (Aubergine). 
All you need is: 
2 x uova (egg)
500g di Sugo di pomodoro (tomato purée)
Sale (salt)
750g di melanzana ( aubergine)
100g di grana (grana is a Parmesan)
300g di mozzarella. (I'm sure you all know this one!)

Back later with the method, result and pictures!

A presto! 

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