Friday, 9 November 2012

I'm back and I say NO to an after meal cappuccino.

Hello again!

I know I haven't written in a long while, but I have been rather busy with, well, life! 
But this blog is not about me, it's about my love for Italian food, and Italy in general. 
So I'm going to try and be good and update this more often, so I can try and inform, and quite possibly entertain you, through my journey of discovery of cooking Italian food. 

Now I haven't cooked anything typically Italian in a while, and I must admit, I do miss it. I'm going to put my head down in shame and say that last night I cooked tuna pasta bake, from a sachet  Yes, that is what it has come to. (However I must admit it was yummy..I was craving it..and it took me back to my childhood.)

So even though I have nothing to delight you with, however, after reading 'Letter from Italy: Say no to cappuccino', (link is here), I feel  I must address the situation too. 

I know that we, as English, have been brought up to think coffee is bad; espresso coffee is too strong; you're a builder if you don't put milk in your coffee, (not my view), but now that we have become such a cultured society, this must stop. 
For starters, a cappuccino is actually too filling, (for me anyway) for after a meal. 
Espresso can make you feel less full. 

So why would you want to resort to something which is basically like another meal? 

I know that I have been found guilty of this, (pre- meeting my boyfriend and travelling to Italy), however, post-crime, I have learnt that there is much more enjoyment when you can quickly knock back an espresso and leave to pay, rather than having to sit there and make your relatives wait for you whilst you endlessly try to sip through a boiling hot mug of milky coffee. 
Since my travels to Italy, I have now adopted their ways and have converted my toast and Marmite breakfast, to a caffe latte. You should too. It's easy. 

All you need is:

1. One cafetiera. 
You can buy one here.
2. One pack of ground coffee. 
Try Lavazza, (it's the best)
3. A mug full of the milk of your choice.

Put the coffee into the coffee compartment of the cafetiera, making sure it's level. Heat on top of stove until it comes through and you can smell the coffee goodness. Heat the milk up however you like, (microwave or pan), and pour coffee into milk. Add sugar if you like. Stir. Hey presto, a breakfast which is filling, and NOT made to wash your meal down with. 

Happy coffee making! Do let me know if you've been converted too.