Thursday, 10 May 2012

Dear readers,

Tonight was the night for my antipasto alla Genovese, which in my opinion, is very a very strange antipasto. 
Elizabeth does not say how to serve it or how to cook it, so I just had to use my best judgement. 
I started off cooking the frozen broad beans, which as I said before, should have been whole broad beans! Meanwhile whilst they were bubbling away, I layered the Tuscan salame on a plate and filled a tiny bowl with salted cream cheese. Once the beans were done, I poured them into another bowl, as they were. Now, as I didn't know how to serve it, I decided to serve it just as it was, but with some crusty bread and white wine, as Elizabeth recommends.
The taster for the night was my boyfriend Fabio. He said he liked it, apart from the beans, as he's not a fan of them. I decided to eat the bread dipped in the cheese, wrapped in the salami and with a bean on top! It was surprisingly yummy! 
I wonder how they do it in Genoa? 

Here is a picture...

All in all, it was an interesting antipasto, but like I said, it was strange, especially to eat beans with cheese and salami. I can't even seem to find where it came from in Genova and why they ate it. If anyone knows, tell me!
 But for me it didn't have the wow factor, and I reckon there are definitely more adventurous ones out there! For example, the next Hors D' Euvre I shall be attempting will be insalata di frutti di mare, (seafood salad), which I know will be a hit with the boyfriend! 
I shall be back soon with what ingredients are needed. Let me know if you attempt this recipe!

Ciao ciao!

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